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【泰國旅遊】跟著貓女趴趴走: 曼谷安帕瓦水上市場(一) Amphawa Floating Market (1)



Hi.gif My dear friends, today we will go to the Amphawa floating market which is about one and a half hours driving away from Bangkok. You can experience the special commercial and residential style of the aquatic people, in particular, reflect the unique cultural landscape of the local people.

When tourists haven’t accumulated yet, Amphawa is quiet and peaceful like a beautiful painting. The teak house on both sides built on the water looks with ancient and simple beauty. The water is glittering, slight water vapor makes the whole river an unspeakable hazy beauty.like03.gif



The huts here are built by the Chinese. The construction technology is different from the traditional Thailand boathouse. So Amphawa is listed as one of the world cultural heritage. These ancient houses have been transformed into hostels restaurants, bars, cafes and small shops with a variety of characteristics. Tourism has become the main source of life in the community.

Amphawa only opens for tourists from Friday to Sunday. People are crowded everywhere and you can hardly move on Weekend. But it will turn into a small town on Weekday, you can still feel the free and easy atmosphere here.



「Damnoen Saduak Floating Market」is the most famous floating market at Bangkok But I have the special preference to Amphawa where more Thai locals will visit so that I can feel the real local life. If I have the chance to visit Thailand many times, maybe I will consider visiting 「Damnoen Saduak Floating Market」someday, where was thought as Oriental Venice. See! It’s a spectacular scene to see so many boats jam together.helpless.gif

Damnoen Saduak.jpgsource:Pixabay



最後我選擇的這間民宿叫At Casa Guesthouse Amphawa,在Agoda搜尋的時候就覺得這間民宿看起來充滿了浪漫的異國情調,我訂了兩間雙人房,含早晚餐只要大約台幣$3900,價格相當可愛。果然,這次的住宿體驗讓我相當滿意。great01.gif

We lived in Amphawa on the first day we arrived in Thailand on Friday. You can have more choices to find a hostel away from the floating market. But I want to live by the river so that I can jump into the water when I want to swim. kiss.gif
Haha! Just kidding. I am not too integrated into their local life.

I reserved two two-bedrooms at At Casa Guesthouse Amphawa which I found on Agoda, two rooms including breakfast and dinner for about 3900 Baht. I think it’s quite a good price, especially I do have wonderful living experience in this hostel this time.kiss03.gif


source:At Casa






我們選擇了自行搭mini van前往,現在搭乘mini van的地方已經不是我當初去的位置,所以我就不跟大家詳細介紹了。單程車票$80Baht,不過因為我們一行四人都帶了20吋的行李箱,所以多收了一個人的票錢來堆放我們的行李。坐mini van1個半小時其實不是很舒服,但是想要體驗自由行的樂趣,擁有自由支配的時間,有點小小的不方便還是得忍耐一下了。bore03.gif


There are many travel package for one day you can buy from the travel agency. If you prefer to visit several travel spots in one day, you can buy the package for Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Maeklong Railway Market and Amphawa Floating Market. You don’t need to worry about the traffic if you buy the one day package. It’s a good way for lazy people.great02.gif

We took a minivan to go there. 80Baht for each person. They asked us to buy one more ticket for our luggage.

The left two people on the picture are Thailand tourists from other city. We met on the bus. It’s lucky that we can chat with english so that It’s not too boring to take bus for one and half hours.




Tourists accumulate at Amphawa after 3 p.m. You can come earlier and take a boat tour. It will take 2~3 hours, 60 Baht each person.

They will let you go ashore to visit four temples so that you can take pictures and buy souvenirs. Those long tail shuttles stop by the river to wait for guests. You can join them as long as they have seats. It’s convenient that you don’t have to buy the ticket in advance.

I think it will be an unforgettable exotic experience to take the boat trip.cute05.gif



At Casa.jpg

原本預計2點就到這邊,check-in之後剛好可以趕上遊船行程。但是我們之前的行程有些延誤,到這裏已經4點多,自由行就是常常會因為對環境不熟悉而多花了許多時間。At Casa 在民宿的最尾端,下車後要一路穿過水上市場,雖然途中經過的店面誘惑力很大,但是在一個人生地不熟的地方,拖著累贅的行李箱,什麼逛街的情緒都沒有,生怕找不到落腳處。crazy03.gif

雖然只是貪點小便宜 拗個小費,大家出門在外還是提高一點警覺為好。


圖片是At Casa 美麗的入口,猶如隱藏於森林的羊腸小徑,有些隱密,難怪連當地人也搞不清楚。

souce: At Casa

We planned to get here at 2 p.m. so that we can take the boat trip in time. But unexpected accidents happened all the time on independent travel. We arrived at 4 p.m.

At Casa is at the end of the floating market. We had to walk all the way through the market with heavy luggage which made us have no mood to stop by those attractive small shops.

A local people was enthusiastic to help when he saw us panic. We didn’t expect that he asked for tips when he led us to the hostel. And we finally found that he led us to the wrong hostel. angry07.gif

Fortunately, our real destination is not far away, we finally found our temporary home tonight.

The picture is the beautiful entrance of At Casa which looks like the trail hiding in the forest. No wonder even the local people can’t find the right way.








Our rooms are on the third floor. It’s a little bit hard for an urbanite to climb narrow wooden ladders carrying heavy luggage.

It’s interesting that the host will give us a big lock for each room to lock up the room when you leave. It’s kind of old feeling.

The room is quite large compared to other hostels beside the river. We all feel relax after we see the comfortable room.coming.gif

There is a lovely sofa on the corner of a small area where you can take a rest. The bathroom is large with an open shower, as well as drying clothes shelf which is quite intimate. There is another facility for washing face and hand outside the bathroom. It’s convenient when you are in a rush in the morning.like05.gif

The old house is not as convenient as luxury hotel. It’s recommended that you still need to bring your own slippers and bath towels and other personal hygiene products.




The small corner of the staircase even comes in a beautiful scenery. Sitting here in a daze, as if the old days in this condensation, you no longer need to care about the world’s hustle and bustle.yawn.gif



當初挑上At Casa這間民宿,就是迷上了這個布置典雅又帶著異國風情的大廳。坐在這裡,吹著河面上吹拂來的徐徐涼風,所有的燥熱暑氣全部煙消雲散。長毛爸說他好想在這裡住上幾天幾夜,三兩好友坐在這裡暢談一整晚,真要是如此,恐怕就再也不願回去繁忙的日常生活了。coffee.gif

The reason I decide to live in At Casa is that I am fascinated by the elegant and exotic hall. Sitting here, the cool river wind blows slowly, all the hot summer heat evaporates. My husband says he wants to live here for a couple of days, chatting with friends for whole might. If so, I would never want to go back to the busy daily life.cheers01.gif





They offer a little buffet for breakfast and dinner. The food is not particularly delicious, just to fill the belly.

source:At Casa




You can order some food from boatman paddling the boat. They sell rice noodle, grilled seafood and other local food which seasoned with special local flavor.

The boatman will put food in the net and pass them with a long bamboo pole. You just take the food and put money into the net to complete the transaction. It’s a very interesting process.Deal.gif

You can also walk outside the floating market. There is a busy night market with lots of food and drink, just like the night market around Taiwan.



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