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Be safe when exit and enter 出入平安





說到出入平安這個平易近人的吉祥話,在古時的意義應該大於現時。 在早年農耕與狩獵時代,家中的支柱出門工作,經常會遇上野獸毒蛇。如果是要到市集買賣獲取生活所需,往往需要好幾天的來回,曠日廢時,甚至需要翻山越嶺,歷經凶險。期間書信往來不便,近況難以得知,故能夠平安歸家是家中老幼最大的期望。所以出入平安這個祝福看似平凡,其實相當觸動人心。 



人生中有許多進出,生為入,死為出; 娶為入,嫁為出。人生由無數的出入所組成,出入平安即代表一生平安,這句話其實從深意上可以說是對人最真誠的祝福。kiss04.gif

I saw this sign written “Be safe when exit and enter” in front of the Keelung Mazu Temple. The Mazu temple was on the side of the busy road. A car was parked in front of the temple courtyard at that time. I guess there would be cars from time to time in and out of the temple, so we really need to pay attention to safety.
The sign is made into the traditional auspicious cloud shape, and at the same time, it looks a bit like the shape of a car.
They design this sign quite thoughtful. love09.gif

When it comes to the auspicious words of “Be safe when exit and enter”, it should be more meaningful in ancient times than it is now.
In the early years of farming and hunting, people often met venomous snakes or beasts when they went out to work. If they were to go to the market for a living, they would even have to climb over the mountains for several days. NO05.gif
During the correspondence inconvenience, it is hard to know the recent situation of those who go out, so it is the greatest expectation be able to return home safely. Therefore, the blessings of peace and security may seem ordinary, in fact, very touching.love11.gif

The ancients said: “Do not travel far away if parents are alive unless traveling in a safe way”.
Children have the responsibility of upholding their parents and should not allow themselves to be trapped in life-threatening plight.NO01.gif

Nowadays, going out is no longer so dangerous that people can even travel freely all over the world. The feeling of this auspicious remark is not so profound now.
But if you think about it more deeply, safe access can also refer to life. There are many in and out of life, born to enter, dead to out; marry in, divorce out. Life is made up of innumerable in and out. Safely in and out means the peace of life. This blessing can be said to be the most sincere blessing to people.LOVE.gif

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