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My Little Neighbor 可愛鳥鄰居


A couple of uninvited guests came out of our bedroom and built a nest on the air conditioner. Every morning, they will wake us up with their happy song.

Some people think the sound of birds is very noisy, but I think their singing tone is a bit funny. I always imagine this lovely little couple is teasing and quarreling with each other, seems that they love each other a lot.

Every time I hear their voice, I always feel unconsciously happy up, and I feel deeply fortunate to have such a neighbor!

The young couple stays out of the window for a long time and begins to be curious about their huge neighbors, and peers through the window more and more often. They can’t see us clearly through the sunshade, and the pictures I photograph seems to have a mysterious beauty. Look at the little guy’s side face, pretty handsome!

It is rare today that the little couple as if they gossip together to discuss what the occupants are doing on the other side of the window. I am wondering when they can no longer fear me and can interact with me sometimes.






Through the shade cloth, the picture is not clear, I cannot help to remove the cloth when they fly away. I don’t expect the windows to be too dirty to get a clear picture, it’s embarrassing!


I take the photos when it’s feathers are up, like wearing a feathered hat on its head. So adorable.

Maybe I can get a better picture after I clean the window next time.



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