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Big Shark Fishball 大白鯊魚丸


I have previously introduced the Keelung Mazu Temple. It was mentioned at that time that because the Mazu Temple is an important place of faith for the local people in Keelung, it has developed a living business circle around the Mazu Temple.

There are many old shops there that have been open for decades. In addition to the homemade rice and peanut milk of Hsieh family I have already introduced, today I would like to introduce another local specialty of Keelung-“Big Shark Fishballs”.

The “Big Shark Fishballs” is located right across from the Mazu Temple, with a striking red sign on the doorway and a yellow lantern. The bright colors quickly catch the eyes of passers-by. All food sold in the store is only available in coin prices. A small amount of money can satisfy the stomach of gourmands. This is a shop that locals often visit and several branches have been opened one after another.




The decoration of the store is very simple. The only problem is that it’s not clean here. You’d better avoid looking at the ground and walls, otherwise, your appetite may be affected!

There are a variety of seasonings on the table, the seasoning of Keelung noodle is light so most of the noodle shop will have a variety of seasonings available. After adding these seasonings, it is the real taste of Keelung!




Look at the posters of media recommended on the wall. The old shop is now becoming more and more aware of marketing. 



Keelung has a place of convenience. A large number of fresh fish are brought into Keelung every day to make fishballs, fresh and elastic. 

I had a previous article about how to make delicious fishballs, You can see the post here

In the noodle shop in Taiwan, in addition to the main food, side dishes are sometimes quite wonderful. If you have the chance to eat in these noodle shops, do not forget to try the side dishes, perhaps you will get some surprises. 





Let’s see what I had on that day.


High-grade Shaoxing wine (Huadiao wine) and soy-stewed pork with rice 花雕控肉飯 $55

When I see the word Huadiao wine, it seems that there is a kind of magic that elevates the ordinary soy-stewed pork with rice to another level, once again prove the power of marketing.

The pork looks oily and juicy. The lean part is not too dry and hard, the taste is quite good. But I can’t tell the taste of Huadiao wine in the meat.

The plum dried vegetables on the side play an important role to reduce the greasy feeling of fat. Its unique flavor makes the soy-stewed meat taste with more layers.

Unfortunately, the rice is a bit too soft, and there is no elasticity and rice aroma. On the whole, I will still recommend this bowl of rice.







Fishball and Fried Tofu Bag Soup 綜合湯 $25

This soup should be a must eat for this shop.

Fishballs are simple without any fillings. They rely on fresh fish to bring out the fresh sweetness.

In addition to fishballs, dried tofu bag can also be regarded as one of Keelung’s specialties, and is relatively rare in other places. The dried tofu bean is stuffed into the ground pork and sealed with fish paste.

I like the feeling that the soup sprays from tofu into my mouth. The pork stuffing has been marinated in advance, and the three delicious ingredients mix in the mouth with a unique taste. I love it the first time I ate it. 




Bolognese Noodle 肉醬拌麵 $30

Hot noodles are the daily food closest to life. Generally speaking, Keelung’s traditional dried noodles will not add meat sauce. If you want to try Keelung’s traditional food, this bowl of noodles may not be a good choice. However, the noodle itself is cooked just right, and the seasoning of meat sauce is ok. It can be considered as a bowl of good bolognese noodle.



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