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Delicious Fish Soup at Late Night 隱藏版深夜食堂:俞家清魚湯

Do you have any experience of being hungry in the middle of the night? One of the happiest things in Taiwan is that there is no fear of no delicious food to eat no matter how late. The restaurant I will introduce today is only available in the middle of the night. If you are used to sleeping early, you will definitely miss the long queue of delicacies in the middle of the night.cry14.jpg


Delicious food at late night in Keelung 基隆的深夜好滋味

The fish soup of family Yu is located next to Xiandong Elementary School in a slightly desolate area. I usually do not go to this area. Originally, this shop was mainly used to serve dockworkers at the West Coast Pier. Now the cargo in Keelung Port has gradually declined. Although there are no large amount of works anymore, the business is still growing. I especially come here in the middle of the night to find out how delicious it is to attract so many people who would rather queue up in the middle of the night to drink this seemingly simple fish soup.confuse04-1.jpg


delicious fish01.jpg

Delicious fish04.jpg

When I drove along the pier, I passed a large dark and desolate road. I wondered if I was on the wrong road. Finally, I found the Xiandong Elementary School and found that there was a bright area next to it. There were a large number of people gathered, it must be here!happy.jpg

The uninhabited roadside, the misty atmosphere adds a romantic atmosphere. The air is slightly wet as if breathing deeply can make the lungs washed cleanly.  I couldn’t help but stop here to take pictures and want to keep the moment of peace.

At this time a passer-by enthusiastically dropped a sentence: Siandongyan is more beautiful! Yes! I heard that there is a Siandongyan nearby. The narrow stone walls are carved with large and small Buddha statues. There is also a well-known sea eclipse path between cliffs, it is so narrow as to allow passage of only one person to pass through sideways. It is worthy to visit it.



這時旁邊經過的路人很熱情的丟下一句話:仙洞巖更漂亮啦!是啊!聽說附近有個仙洞巖,狹窄的石壁中雕刻了大大小小的佛像,其中還有一段頗負盛名的海蝕一線天,窄到必須側身才能勉強通過,有幽閉恐懼症的朋友可別輕易嘗試。體型太過雄偉的朋友也別為難自己,卡住就糗大了。 改天真的要去走走,基隆不管山景或海景都是很美的。like02-1.jpg

Delicious fish02.jpg

The fish soup of family Yu is opened from 1:30 AM. I heard that it is always sold out when the sky is still not bright. Due to being in the residential area, the store has posted a special announcement: Please lower the volume to avoid bothering residents nearby.

The signboard of the store has obviously experienced the ravages of time. However, the guests are not concerned about the old broken signs and stores and continue to show their support for food with long queues.like05.jpg

In addition to selling fish soup, they also sell rice and noodles. There’s no problem in wanting to be full here. The price of every meal is between NT$30 and NT$40, which is astoundingly cheap.




Delicious fish03.gif

Delicious fish06.jpg

Delicious fish07.jpg

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In addition to the seats in the store, there are also a lot of tables and chairs placed outside.


Delicious fish05.jpg

Although there are so many guests, as long as they find the seats, the meal will soon be available.


Delicious fish08.jpg

Delicious fish10.jpg

Delicious fish11.jpg

Delicious Fish12



Fish Soup清魚湯 $40 👍👍👍

The fish soup is definitely a must-order. It’s so unbelievable that the fish meat is full of the bowl. Keelung’s seafood is cheap and delicious. The fish soup is made of swordfish. The fish meat tastes a bit dry and the soup is too light as if it is not enough time to cook. If you are expecting to eat fat and tender fish, you may be disappointed. But if you look at the fresh and the amount of fish meat, I still feel that the soup has a high value.great07.jpg

Keelung people prefer to eat seafood with wasabi, it does reduce the feeling that the fish meat is too solid.



Delicious Fish13.jpg

Delicious Fish20.jpg

Fish Miso Soup 鮮魚味噌湯 $40 👍👍👍👍

If you don’t think the fish soup is good enough, you can order miso soup. Personally, I think the fish miso soup is slightly better than the original fish soup. Miso soup has as much fish as the original fish soup and with tender tofu. I will recommend miso soup in comparison.great02.jpg


Delicious Fish14.jpg

Delicious Fish15.jpg

Fried Rice Noodle 炒米粉 $30 👍👍👍👍

The fried rice noodle is topped with braised pork and bean-sprouts which must be put in Keelung’s early taste. It is even more admirable than the signature fish soup. I ordered the stewed egg which is well cooked, the egg yolk is soft and delicious. The fried tofu comes with the egg. The soup sucked in the tofu is sprayed into my mouth, I suddenly feel that it’s worth coming here in the midnight.


Delicious Fish16.jpg

Food fish17.jpg

Delicious Fish19.jpg

Glutinous Oil Rice 油飯 $30 👍👍👍👍

The rice here is a relatively grainy one, which is the taste I like. There are mushrooms and other fillings fried with the oil rice, and the seasoning is not very heavy. The taste is just right after adding the sweet and spicy sauce which the Keelung people especially love. Look at this glossy and translucent rice grain, doesn’t it look attractive?like04.jpg


Delicious Fish18.jpg

The conclusion of visiting the store, no wonder the little shop can attract so many customers. Although I am a little disappointed with the fish soup, especially because it is without seafood flavor. But unexpectedly, the oil rice and rice noodle are very good. On the whole, there are plenty of delicious meals, especially the lovely prices and the amount of fish meat in the soup. It is still worth recommending wit thumbs up. great08.jpg

This is the end of today’s “Dark” food tour. Don’t forget to follow up. I will write more interesting content to share with you.



地址: 203基隆市中山區仁安街131號
電話: 0933 934 971




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