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EN Japanese Restaurant(4) EN和食創作日本料理(四)

Hello everyone, do you still remember the EN Japanese Restaurant that I introduced before? Finally, I am going to share the food part with you today.

EN has an open kitchen and looks very clean. It may be because Japanese cuisine is lighter so you won’t smell the cooking smoke.

There are a lot of wooden brands on the front of the kitchen, which looks very Japanese and attracts my attention. The front of the brand is all empty, I ask the waiter, it turns out to be a buffet at noon. The lunch menu is the semi-buffet course which completely different from the evening.

As long as you choose the main course, rice, soup, and vegetables are provided indefinitely. It sounds like a good deal. There are a lot of choices for soup. If you feel that the white rice is a little boring, you can add curry to make curry rice.

However, we are here for dinner, not for lunch. As soon as the table is served, the waiter immediately serves the roasted tea, which is said to be cooked when needed, so it is not bitter at all.

The menu has no design sense, so I didn’t shoot it. Let’s see what we ordered!










Seasonal Bamboo Basket Course 季節懷石籠套餐 👍👍👍

There are a variety of main dishes to choose from, the price of each is different, we choose the Beef sirloin steak, the price is NT$880.

The first serve is a five-course dish, served with a bamboo basket, with a primitive sense of simplicity.

The dish contains EN’s well-known hand-made tofu, smooth and tender taste even similar to tofu pudding. Tofu does not have any seasoning, served with the original taste. If you don’t like the full of bean flavor, you can add a little bit bonito soy sauce. It tastes smooth and melts in your mouth immediately.

All the other dishes are delicious. Broth stewed the white radish is perfect, crystal clear but not too soft. Eat with a little bit of braised pork, even more delicious.

Other side dishes are not so special, although they are all good. But because the amount is very small, I will expect it as delicious as giving me a breath of surprise! In fact, the expectation of surprise has not appeared, but there is a kind of “ah? Just like this? In addition to five dishes, there is a small plate with two thin slices of sashimi, unsatisfied at all.














The sirloin steak is made from American beef, served with medium rare, can use the residual temperature of the slate to increase ripeness. If you want to eat full cooked may have to wait until the end of the day.

The steak is served with EN handmade garlic sauce and fruit-flavored steak sauce. It tastes soft and tender. It is recommended for friends who like steak.

The mixed-grain rice attached to the package is cooked high-level, the grain is distinct, and it is not too hard or too sticky. Shredded seaweed is added to increase the richness of the taste, and it is very nutritious!






Shabu-Shabu Course 雙人份湯葉涮涮鍋組合套餐 👍👍👍👍

The price varies slightly according to the main course. We choose Japanese amberjack, $NT1480.

There are four kinds of soup bases: Bonito DASHI, Special Chicken Soup, Spicy MISO soup, SOY-BEAN Soup. We choose a slightly spicy MISO soup.

The shabu-shabu course is accompanied by three handmade side dishes. The double set dishes is as small as the side dishes of the single set Bamboo Basket Course, which make me confused.

However, the seafood plate and the vegetable dish of the hot pot are very rich, and there are also king crab feet and peony shrimp which are expensive. The seafood is very fresh, so the soup made out is very fresh and sweet. The service staff will come to help cook the ZOUZUI after finishing the hot pot, and the service is thoughtful. If you want to see the cute waitress who helps us, you can watch her in the video of my previous post-EN Japanese Restaurant(3).

Although the shabu-shabu course is expensive, with his rich and fresh ingredients, this package is the most recommended among the dishes we ordered today.












The set includes a mousse of white sesame with tea ice cream for dessert. The mousse is made of white sesame mousse with soy milk, milk, sesame sauce, whipped cream, and egg white. The ice cream is made from roasted tea, topped with brown sugar syrup. The sesame flavor mixed with tea, brown sugar neutralized the bitterness of roasted tea. it is a taste in-depth.

When it comes to dessert, the waitress changes the roasted tea into black rice tea, which is more fragrant than the roasted tea. The combination of dessert can reduce the sweetness and feel fresher. From these small details, you can feel the intimate of the store.




Korean Style Eel Rice 蒲燒鰻魚石鍋飯 NT$330 👍👍👍👍

The Eel is fat and tender, and the sweet and salty sauce is very flavorful. Pour into the slimy yam mud and mix it with the eel rice, the heat of the stone bowl makes the stirring process continue to spread the scent to the nose, which is very attractive. However, the amount is a little less, it’s definitely not enough for boys?




Teresa’s family doesn’t eat much and often dines out and ends up packing up. But this time everyone doesn’t have enough to eat.

On the whole, EN’s food has a certain level, but it has not reached an amazing level. The taste is slightly too light. People who are used to stimulating taste buds with heavy taste may feel unsatisfied. With this price, I am a bit disappointing to the performance of EN.

EN’s dining environment performs better than food. I personally feel that it is suitable for dining with important customers and friends. The quiet environment is very suitable for social activity. I may consider the commercial buffet at noon, but I am not interested in trying the high-priced dinner again in the short term.







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