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Ex or New Darling? 舊愛還是新歡?

Hi05-1.gifIf you remember that I once said, Er-Mao always turns his head away every time he sees the lens. He is a cat who is not in love with the camera. Therefore, it is rare to take these two photos. 

Look at his gentle eyes, in fact, Er-Mao is usually like this, always affectionate. How can you not love him?love02.gif



Recently, Er-Mao begins to take a new interest in his old scratch basin, a cat-shaped scratch basin that allows the cat to scratch with its claws, or can also be used as a sleeping nest. And even better, it is very durable.great08.gif

When I first bought it, Er-Mao liked to sleep as a nest. And occasionally, scratch it as an obligation like the emperor treats his concubine.

Except for our bed, Er-Mao never has any loyalty to where he sleeps, so it isn’t long before the basin fell out of favor.despise04.gif

My husband likes to be neat and clean. When he sees that Er-Mao is not going to use this scratch basin, he put it in the corner whit full of various toys of Er-Mao on it. After a long time, it was my turn that I can’t stand it. I think that if the basin is full of all kinds of stuff, of course Er-Mao won’t be able to use it again. despise05-1.jpg

So I take out the cat-shaped basin and put it on the floor of the living room.

I didn’t know whether Er-Mao thinks he sees his old friend, or he thinks he has a new darling. In short, he immediately rushes forward, scratches it and lies in the basin and roll over. In the next few days, he scratches and lies in the basin every day. The basin becomes his new favorite.like04.gif






我真的很入戲,呵呵! sinister03-1.gif




Er-Mao seems to be particularly relaxed on the scratch basin that you can see the unreserved strange postures in which he lies.sinister07.gif

So, we have more entertainment every day, that is, to enjoy Er-Mao’s yoga performance. If you want to learn yoga, do you want to worship Ermao as a teacher?sinister01.jpg






❤️Love from Catwomanteresa love11.gif
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