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美麗的罐沙拉 Mason Jar Salad


Hi03.jpgHave you heard of salad jar? As the name implies, it is to put the salad in a jar. Does it sound familiar? That’s right! This concept comes from the American household Mason jar.



About Mason Jar

Mason jar, named after John Landis Mason who first invented and patented it in 1858, is a molded glass jar used in home canning to preserve food. An integral rubber ring on the underside of the lid creates a hermetic seal. (from Wikipedia)

But today, Mason jar is still very popular, obviously not because of its excellent preservation function. When the beautiful glass jar is filled with colorful things, it looks gorgeous and makes a good mood. With all sorts of ingenuity, it instantly becomes a work of art.like01.jpg

Mason jar also becomes a trend these years in Taiwan, people like to drink, make breakfast, and eat a salad with Mason jars, so the salad jar becomes a beautiful meal on the table, and becomes the protagonist of my article today.





Seasonal vegetable high-fiber chef salad 季節時蔬高纖主廚沙拉

In addition to being placed in a glass jar, this salad uses a chopping board as a tray to served alongside the freshly baked bread. Besides the delicacy, the dish is arranged in a leisurely way of an American country kitchen feeling that completely conquering my heart.like02-1.jpg

One of the benefits of salad jar is that it is very convenient to have all the ingredients evenly coated with the sauce by simply pouring the salad dressing into it and shake it. However, after becoming a delicacy on the dining table, the salad cannot be covered with a lid because of the aesthetics. The salad can only be poured onto the plate and drenched with the dressing when you eat it.

Although the beautiful figure of the salad jar only lasts for a few minutes when it is on the table, it is still pleasing to the eye because of the rich color of the ingredients.

The salad was paired with Japanese grapefruit dressing. The fresh and juicy vegetables topped with sour and sweet salad dressing instantly smooth out the sultry feeling because of the climate. It’s super suitable for summertime rewards for poor appetite.eat04.jpg






Sesame tofu fresh vegetable salad 胡麻豆腐鮮蔬沙拉

With the addition of tofu, the nutritional value is even better because of more protein. This salad is paired with Japanese sesame sauce, and the tofu is covered with white sesame seeds. It is a very Japanese salad with the sesame and miso scent in your mouth. The taste is relatively light. I will recommend it to vegetarian or people who want to control weight.exercise03.jpg


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