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Create a heart across the regions For Fundition 創造一顆跨越地區的心


Hi05-1.gifThis article is the entry to participate in the Fundition “Show your Heart” (I make the name by myself) contest, the rule is to create a heart in any way, and write a short description for the photo.LOVE.gif


Choose this way to make a heart because I am very happy to meet with steemian from Hong Kong. It’s lucky to know Steemians from all over the world, and even to talk face to face. Who can say it’s not a broad sense of love? love13.gif

That’s right! It is “friendship”! So, every Mrs. Lee(s), don’t hate me, I really have nothing to do with this popular guy @aaronli! NO01.gif

I really like the concept of Fundition. Charity is my initial purpose for blogging. You can look at my self-introduction if you are interested. So I am excited to support the contest and wish that I can deliver my heart to the world.

In addition, @aaronli is the ambassador of Fundition, so it’s meaningful to cooperate with him to create this heart. At the same time, because he comes from the different region, this heart also represents the meaning of world integration.cheers01.gif

Unfortunately, everyone can only participate once, otherwise, I have different ideas!

If you are interested in participating in the contest too, the deadline for the contest is until the end of August. Show your creativity to create your own unique heart! Enjoy it!great04.gif

Check out the original post here.

You can also check out the meetup post that @aaronli meets with other Taiwan steemians.













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