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Finally I can revise my posts over 7 days on Steemit 終於可以修改超過7天的文章了


Everyone comes to Steemit for different reasons. Besides making money, I think it’s tempting for some people to keep their work in the blockchain forever. Is this a kind of free personal library? 



Do you have an idea since your work will be preserved forever, will you wish your work is perfect? Or at least it is close to perfect for your existing abilities. With my desire for perfect personality, I will keep going back to revise my posts, perhaps because I find spelling or grammar errors, maybe because I think of better words to express my ideas more appropriately, or even because I want to make the pictures more perfect. There is also a possibility that I would like to link other posts into the article to increase the integrity of the article and increase the chances of other posts being read. Although articles over 7 days may be rarely read.

Having been unable to modify posts for more than 7 days has been very troubling to me, especially since I find that some of the photos in my articles are not properly displayed. It breaks the myth of permanent preservation of the blockchain and made me quite devastated. 

I even wrote an article about this once, and this phenomenon has not been solved for more than half a year. My articles are still unable to display pictures normally. There are obvious flaws in those articles, but nothing I can do about it. It drives me crazy just as I am painful and itching as being bitten by ants all over the body. 

And now this problem is expected to be solved!

Steemit 19.10 will be officially launched, has enhanced a number of features, among which I am most interested is that articles more than 7 days can be unlimitedly modified in the future.

From the previous announcement of Steemit 19.10 to be testing, and now announcing that the release is in progress. I think the new version will soon be available.

Are you looking forward to the new version like me?






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