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Beautiful Seaside 美麗海岸




I want to share with you some of my photography today.
One of the benefits of living in Keelung is that you can enjoy the unparalleled coastline at any time.

In the summer when the heatwave hits, you can enjoy the breeze at the beach, not only to cool off the heat but also have a romantic feeling of pseudo-hipster.


The clouds and fog of the distant mountains have added an aura of fairy to this photo, and I cannot help but imagine whether the residents living on the seaside will have a special literary and artistic temperament because of such beautiful scenery?


Turning to the other direction, the bright blue fishing boats are docked at the port, which is quite eye-catching. The fishing boats form an interesting contrast between tradition and modernity with the building next to it.


Busy to capture the beauty with the camera instead of eyes, not aware of the time flies. Inadvertently, the fiery red sun has hidden behind the mountain. Capture the old man’s lonely back, accompanied by the near end of the dusk, lonely but with forthright contentment.

Camera: HTC One max

Place: Chaojing Park, Taiwan


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