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[Video]How do I draw the painting for the contest of Fundition Logo繪畫過程記錄影片

最近我畫了一張畫參加由@sndbox和@fundition舉辦的虛擬貨幣藝術競賽。比賽規則是要選擇喜歡的畫家,將fundition logo用這個畫家的畫風來詮釋。有興趣了解規則的,請看這篇Hi05.gif

Recently, I draw a painting for the contest of @sndbox and @fundition. If you are interested in the competition, you can see the original post here.

And the Chinese version post is here



The rule is to find an artist you like and interpret the fundition logo into the style of the artist. I choose a famous Taiwan illustrator Jimmy Liao. You can see more details in my last post.

I recorded part of the drawing process when I create this work. So you can see how I draw this painting in this video. Hope that you enjoy it.


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