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Landmark of Xizhi: Star Bridge 初識星光橋-汐止新地標📷


When I drive between Keelung and Taipei, this structure is often seen on the highway like a giant microphone. Because I can only see the part of it, I do not know exactly what it is. I usually pass by in a hurry, so I have no time to think carefully.

This time when I passed by, drizzle floated down from the sky. Looked through the window glass, the crystal raindrops became a ready-made special effect filter. This giant, which did not attract my attention before, showed a special obscurity of beauty.

I immediately grabbed my cell phone and snapped a few shots. The car passed at full speed. the time was too short to get the best angle, but I was still interested in the images I had taken.




When I got home, I made these two pictures using the filter of Snapseed.

The retro style and the effect of light leakage make the modern architectural structure have a mysterious feeling through time.




Black-and-white photo is a different kind of feeling. The huge structure rises from the dark city with a kind of shocking momentum. Maybe I have a dark corner in my heart, so this tension and trepidation image has an indescribable appeal to me.



I curiously check the Internet, it turns out to be a bridge located at Xizhi. It has a beautiful name called “Star Bridge”. Star Bridge is the fourth pedestrian dedicated recreational landscape bridge built in New Taipei City after Rainbow, Sun, and Moon Bridge. It strides across the Keelung River and connects the riverside bicycle lanes and lawns on both sides. It is a perfect place for residents to rest which only for pedestrians and bicycles. 

After reading the information, I realized that I had looked down on it. From different angles, the bridge was actually very beautiful! Especially when the lights shine at night, the light effects are so colorful that the beauty of the bridge cannot be ignored, so the bridge is also called 「the microphone under the stars」.

I will certainly find a time to take a close look to appreciate its beauty. I find a video on the internet so that you can enjoy the beauty immediately.




Camera: HTC One max

Position: Star Bridge, Xizhi


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