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My new role on Fundition 我的新角色


Hi04.gifDear friends, since I knew about the Fundition, I have a lot of interest in Fundition. One of the main reasons I wrote blogs was to help stray animals which I mentioned in my self-introduction. I think Fundition may be the way to help me achieve this goal earlier.


But Fundition is not just a charity promotion group. In fact, it is more like a place to help everyone achieve their ideals.

That’s right! Everyone!

I believe that everyone has some small dreams in their hearts, but we often don’t know how to make these dreams come true. Now, Fundition provides a platform to achieve your goals. I have recently become the Taiwan ambassador of Fundition. My mission is to help you make your dreams more possible.

Recently, Fundition announces a collaboration and partnership with Utopian.io. If your crowdfunding plan is about open source projects, with Utopian as a strong supporter, the goal of success will be a big step forward.

In the process of applying for an ambassador, I was asked some questions, one of which is “What do you think is the Fundition ambassador role?” This is also what I want to share with you in this article, and I want you to know what I can do to help you.

My answer to this question is:

  1. Promote the concept of Fundition and let more people know the Fundition

  2. Translate the Fundition article to make it easier for Taiwanese and Chinese readers (such as China) to understand the latest developments and activities of the Fundition.

  3. Solve user’s problems and make them more willing to use the services of Fundition

  4. Help Chinese users solve language problems so that users who have difficulty posting in English can also use the services of Fundition.

As you can see, I am not only willing to serve friends in the Taiwan area, as long as the Chinese readers need help, I am willing to provide my assistance to you in my ability.

I hope that through the Fundition, the positive hopeful energy can be spread out. I hope everyone can get better and better at Steemit.

Dear friends, do you have a dream in your heart? Welcome to talk to me, maybe I can make your dreams go smoothly through Fundition!








  1. 推廣Fundition的理念,讓更多人認識Fundition
  2. 翻譯Fundition的文章,讓台灣甚至中文區的讀者可以更容易了解Fundition的近期發展以及活動內容
  3. 協助解決用戶的問題,讓用戶更願意使用Fundition的服務
  4. 協助中文區的用戶解決語言不通的問題,讓有困難發英文文章的朋友也可以在Fundition上面提出你們的眾籌計畫。


Join a community with heart based giving at its core



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