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The beautiful lush trail to Taipei New Vision 走向台北文創的綠蔭大道


Today I am going to take you to the Songshan Eslite Bookstore, which is inside the Taipei New Vision building. It is located in the Songshan Cultural Park.
There are several ways to get to Taipei New Vision. I will take you to walk around the ecological pool. This is the most pristine forest area of the Songshan Cultural Park.


You can see a lot of lush green trees, the air smells fresh in this area.
It is a pity that it’s raining when I take this video. The park looks much prettier on the sunny days.



You can also a glass museum “Liuligongfang” and “Liuli cafe”. There are some installation artworks outside of the museum. Those gooses are made of glass and polyester. They are fragile, be careful and don’t hurt them. There is a sign write “Don’t feed and ride!” So humorous.


There is a bookstore named “Yue Yue Bookstore” which looks ancient and elegant in Japanese style outside. It is the scene of the idol drama “The Bookstore in Lane”. There are a lot of outdoor seats beside the lake. I think it will be comfortable to sit under the tree to enjoy the wind.


Bypassing the ecological pool, Taipei New Vision is in front of you. The lattice-like structures are green buildings with environmental protection concepts, which can reduce the heat generated by direct sunlight.


I will show you more detail about Taipei New Vision in the next post. Stay tuned.


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