Study with Catwoman Teresa 跟著貓女這樣做

Draw the illustration designed for dPet


目前在steemit上每天固定舉辦的活動是每日寵物攝影比賽,只要發動物照片並且tag dailypetphotography,就可以參加@dpet的攝影比賽,@dpet會來點讚所有的參賽帖子。

This is the illustration I drew for @dpet. @dpet is a pet-specific account on the blockchain that will soon be developed into a pet-related platform.

Currently, @dpet has a daily pet photography competition on Steemit. As long as you make posts about animal photos and tag #dailypetphotography, you can participate in the @dpet photography competition, and @dpet will upvote all the entries.





Because steemit is a global community platform, I draw the earth to represent the global. ~~ If the steemit becomes popular in the whole universe someday, the background can be changed to the space map. ~~😂

The hour and minute hands on the earth represent that this event is held every day.

In addition, the pet and camera are indispensable, so the owner and the little dog are used as the main picture. And the background is full of flowers and plants to create a happy feeling.


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