Pets in our home 毛仔頑皮日記

Er-Mao loves my chair 二毛睡高高


Since I changed this high-back office chair in front of my desk, Er-Mao fell in love with the high chair back.




  1. 柔軟的墊子或被子,觸感越舒服他越喜歡
  2. 陽光灑進來的窗邊,可以把全身曬的暖暖的。
  3. 陰暗隱密的角落,可以完全不受打擾

In the winter, Er-Mao likes to rest in our thighs. When the weather is hot, he will leave us and look for comfortable places to sleep all over the house.

It is said that the cat is best at finding the most comfortable place. Except for the magical carton that every cat can’t resist, the places that Ermao likes are probably traceable.

  1. Soft cushion or quilt: The more comfortable the touch is, the more he likes.
  2. The window where the sun came in: He likes to be warmed up by sunshine.
  3. Dark and invisible corners that can be completely undisturbed.




Er-Mao always abandons the old for the new, he constantly changes the place to sleep, but he did not change the love of my chair back. Every time he sees me walking to the desk, he will run and jump on the back of the chair, waiting for me to pat his little butt.

Oh! That’s right! He recently fell in love with being tapped. Every time I pat his butt, as soon as I stop, he will yell to ask me not to stop! The cat I had before usually liked to be touched by the head or neck. There is never a cat like this. Sure enough, the cat is like a child, each has its own personality and habits.




Er-Mao likes to lie on the back of my chair, perhaps because it would give him a commanding position to stare at everything, or because it is the closest place to me. I also like him to lie on the back of my chair so that I can cheer me up from my tired work by touching him and listening to his snoring.



King Kong Babysitter 大猩猩保母

Ex or New Darling? 舊愛還是新歡?


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