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I love dolphin 快樂小海豚


The price of steem is so low, everyone doesn’t have the energy to write posts. Although I am eager to make money at steemit, since the timing is not good, I can only write articles for practicing my writing and photography skills.

However, there is still a little thing that has made me happy for a while.








是這樣的,雖然steem的漲跌大致上跟著BTC的軌跡,但是其實跌得比BTC更慘,前幾天我突然一時興起算了一下,發現原本賠了將近一半的BTC,若是買回steem,竟然可以買到當初賣出的大約兩倍。雖然我認為BTC還會回升,但是是否可以升到我當初購買的價錢,實在沒有把握。如果換回steem,則反賠為賺,還可以power up幫我繼續賺錢。於是,二話不說趕緊購入。

再算一算當初買的其他幣,也是類似的狀況,所以一口氣把大部份的幣都換回steem並且power up。

沒想到,power up 之後,竟然發現我從一隻魚變成了一隻小小豚了。這真是個意外的驚喜!雖然不是什麼大不了的事情,可是這種心中竊喜的心情,跟當初從浮游生物變成一隻小魚時並無二致。Happy07.gif


When the price of SBD was good, I bought some BTC with a portion of my SBD. Although I did not catch up with the highest price to sell but compared to the current price, I am glad to have sold those SBD at that time.

The problem is, when I saw BTC fall from more than 20, 000 to almost half, I thought it was time to buy at a low price so that I can make a lot of money when it gets back up. I had the best dream. Unfortunately, I made a wrong calculation. The price doesn’t get back but continues to fall and cut down nearly half,

Wait! It’s not a happy thing at all! How can I be happy if I lose so much?

Let me explain. Although steem generally follow the rise and fall of BTC, it actually fell worse than BTC. A few days ago, I suddenly find out although the price of BTC falls down to half price, if I buy steem, I can buy about twice as much as it was originally sold. Although I think BTC will rise again, I’m not sure if it can rise to the price I bought. If I buy steem, I can earn twice immediately, and power up to make money continuously for me.

It is the similar situation to the other cryptocurrencies that were originally bought, so I exchange most of them back to steem and power up.

What I don’t expect is, after powering up, I find that I change from a minnow to a tiny dolphin. What a surprise! It is not a big deal, but the joy is the same as when the plankton turned into the minnow.

If you are suffering from the loss of cryptocurrency you have brought, you can consider switching to steem and power up to earn curation reward. I believe steem will rise in the future and make bigger money for you.


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