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【攝影分享】Red theme contest-Candied Haw 「紅」-嬌豔欲滴的糖葫蘆


In Taiwan’s night market, you can always see the stall selling candied haw. The long-circulating sweet food is a wonderful memory of children in Taiwan from their childhood.

基隆夜市_01.jpgWhen I was young, there was not much allowance, my mother would not always buy for us this kind of snack, which is easy to cause tooth decay. So occasionally I have the opportunity to eat candied haw, which will make me happy all day. Oh, no! Not just one day, but a couple of days. I was always reluctant to eat. I would lick it a long time, trying to keep the happy-like-a-bird satisfaction a little longer.

The tomato was filled with sour and sweet haws. After biting the crisp maltose with a special aroma, a large amount of tomato juice poured into the mouth. It is only through experience that one can know the unspeakable exhilaration.

It was made with haws and other preserve at the early time, now it’s most of the fruit-based, more healthy, but also more good-looking. The bright red tomato wrapped with crystal clear maltose, the oil bright transparent texture is as beautiful as amber.






Camera: HTC One max

Theme: Red



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