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Taiwan is a place full of artistic atmosphere. Although Taiwan is a small island without many magnificent sceneries,  after the economy has a certain foundation, the humanities education all the way has made Taiwanese people pay more and more attention to the cultural and creative industries which have developed Taiwan’s unique humanistic characteristics. Not to mention other places, there are quite a number of large-scale cultural attractions in Taipei.


Taipei New Horizon building

I am going to take you to the Taipei New Horizon building today. It is located in the Songshan Cultural Park where I took you to walk through the greenery in my previous post. The vigorous and greenish Songshan Cultural Park is known as the “Backyard Garden of Taipei East District.”

The Songshan Cultural Park is mainly based on the historic sites of Songshan Tobacco Factory, while Taipei New Horizon is a green building built by innovation, both of which are symbiotic and co-prosperous. From the avant-garde architecture, you can feel the vitality of economic prosperity. From the historical meaning of the historical sites, you can smell the warm and cultural atmosphere. You can experience the integration of the old historical memory and the prosperity of the new era here.




Architectural Design

Taipei New Horizon Building is designed and built by Toyo Ito, a famous international architect. The Taiwanese should be familiar with the master, who created the amazing National Taichung Theater.

What I admire most is that his design is not only designed to challenge the limits of the architectural structure in appearance, but also to make a perfect connection between architecture and nature. He makes full use of the relationship between the sun and the air to integrate energy conservation into the design of Taipei New Horizon which can be the green building model.

Taipei New Horizon, the 14-story, 4-story green building, also won the first prize of the 12th “planning and design-public building group” national architectural gold quality award and the gold grade green building label.

The lattice-shaped window sill blocks the direct sunlight and saves energy. Toyo Ito stacked various arcs to form the entire Taipei New Horizon building. These arcs form a harmonious relationship with the square window sill structure, which alleviates the rigidity of the lattice structure. Extending from the arc of the building, the entire group of monuments is wrapped in the arc, which also symbolizes the integration of new buildings and monuments.








Environmental greening

The stepped terrace, which rises from the square, is full of green plants and adds fresh spring feel to the Taipei New Horizon building. At the top, there is an aerial green space that echoes the natural ecology of the Songshan Cultural Park. It also extends the metaphor to “put culture at the highest place.” The whole Songshan Cultural Park covers an area of 6.6 hectares, so there are wide squares and green gardens around the building, and the green walls, terraces, and roofs of the building extend the vitality of the natural environment to the building itself. This design fully demonstrates the philosophy of Toyo Ito – “The most important architectural proposition in the new century lies in the integration of architecture and environmental design.”






Multiple Usage Space

In addition to the attractive appearance of the building, the use of the space also shows a variety of features, including the cultural creative office, the exhibition space, the performance hall, the cinema, the Shopping Mall, the Eslite Bookstore, the Eslite Hotel, etc. Combined with commercial space, the pipeline between creation, production, production and sales promotion is smooth, which draws closer the distance between the general public and the cultural and creative industry.

During the holidays, many people come here for leisure, naturally cultivate a strong cultural atmosphere in shopping and walk, carry on cultural exchanges in their daily life, and create a new life style that enhances cultural quality invisibly.








Cultural Square

It’s about 1650 square-meter. Many performances and market events will occasionally be hosted to make the outdoor space of the shopping mall more lively. The Cultural Square connects the new building and monuments, leaving a blank space between them for breathing in the space configuration.

Many young people will sit in the square and chat and play mobile phones after shopping. After the break, they will be back to alive for the next activities.









Public Art Work “Fable of the Wild”

This pillar, which supports the cultural square, is the work of the artist HSI, ShihPin, made of stainless steel and titanium coating.

Animals and plants are not recognized because they are useful. They are considered useful or beneficial because they have already been recognized first.

Claude Lévi-Strauss, 《La Pensée Sauvage》

The connotation of cultural creativity lies in understanding its own historical culture, ecological environment, and local aesthetics, and then transforming into creation, in order to produce a life memory that fits with others and connects with other world cultural views. The huge antlers grow from the ground, which is a metaphor for the rich life in the land, and it is expected that Taiwan’s cultural creation will flourish and emerge in the world stage. Under the moon, the female deer leap, the little deer rest, the mirror reflects the surrounding environment and people, and group the fables of the wild.

This sculpture is very eye-catching in the square, and the huge antlers have the momentum to break through the sky. Especially when you watch from the bottom up, it gives people a sense of reverence. This reminds me of the age when ancient people hunted for survival. These wild animals gave birth to human life and gave humans the power to move towards a better future. Therefore, the animal’s totem image also represents the flourishing life. The artwork in this cradle of cultural innovation can also be derived from the hope that Taiwan culture and creation can stand out.

The stainless steel material is so bright that the surrounding environment is completely enclosed in it. Everyone has become part of the art and symbolizes our common prosperity in promoting Taiwan’s art and culture.














This outdoor atrium planting wall is a work created by the artist HUANG, LanYa,. It consists of 35 pieces, large and small, made of aluminum alloy.

The artist Huang Lanya’s past creations are inspired by plants, because plants are also carriers of life energy, small as branches and leaves, spreading mountains, rivers, and various complex ecological structures, all of which conceal an order. Duplicate the fragments by repeating the changes caused by the similarity. This life forms the universe, also is contained in the whole universe, created the ecological nature mystery.

Circle is a geometric figure, which was considered to be the most complete and perfect figure in ancient Greece. The concept also derived many philosophical ideas. Responding to the concept of the circle of the Taipei New Horizon, this piece is deduced by the circular of the basic structure, which shows organic reproduction in the geometry and creates a visual shape.

In addition, the artist also hopes to convey the concept of harmony between nature and art, to make the work a scaffold for plant climbing, and to allow time to shape the work. It symbolizes the creativity flourishes in the nature and endless.

The outdoor atrium has a large open space, allowing the public to view the wall of art from the inside of the building at the most suitable distance. The colorful artworks are especially vivid by the vibrant green plants. They look like butterflies and flowers and even make me think of fish, lively and elegant colors and shapes with unlimited space for imagination.

Under the light at night, this ecological wall presents a dreamy atmosphere, which is another intoxicating beauty compared to the daytime.










source: Taipei New Horizon official website

Night View

At night, Taipei New Horizon is dazzled by the lights, like the beauty in a party tries her best to dress up.

The stainless steel sculpture in the square reflects in neon at night, becomes gorgeous and different from the majesty of the day.







101 building

On the way back, I walked in the park surrounded by nature, the 101 with its bright lights peeked out like a diamond that could not hide its light. Although there is no tripod, the photos taken in a dim environment are a bit fuzzy, but the romantic atmosphere makes me want to share with you.




After today’s introduction, do you know more about Taipei New Horizon? In the following posts, I will take you into the building and feel the charm of Taiwan’s cultural and creative goods. Please stay tuned!


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