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Google Tricks 閒來沒事玩玩Google隱藏的小遊戲

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google mirror.jpg

最近看到有人提到,在google search 打上 “Do a barrel roll”,可以看到驚奇的畫面。好奇心的驅使下,我便照著輸入,看看google會有什麼反應。


Have you noticed that Google search always changes the design? There are some hidden tricks which will bring you some fun.

A couple of days ago, someone mentions about typing “Do a barrel roll” on Google search. I am curious about what will happen, so I do it immediately.

As a result, the entire Google page roll, even if you click on another page or return to the previous page, it will roll over again.


而我發現除了”Do a barrel roll”之外,還有很多好玩的小花招,看看這個拉鍊,做得好精緻啊!

And I found that in addition to the “Do a barrel roll”, there are a lot of funny tricks. Look at this zipper! So delicate!

在 這個網址裏還有更多關於google的小花招,我們一起來玩玩看吧!




選擇underwater之後,就會出現水底下有魚群的畫面,在google search的欄位鍵入任何字搜尋,都會掉下更多的魚。按了” I’m feeling lucky”的按鈕,就會掉下金幣。

最有趣的是,google search會掉入水中,在水中載浮載沉和被其他物品砸中的效果,模擬得維妙維肖。

There are more Google tricks in, let’s play and have fun!

This page itself is a mirror effect. The google screen is the opposite.

There are a lot of options on the screen, each one is a small game. Let’s take a look at UNDERWATER first!

After selecting UNDERWATER, it will become a picture of the fishes under the water. If you type any word in the google search field, more fish will fall. Pressing the “I’m feeling lucky” button, the gold coins will drop.

The most interesting thing is that the google search will fall into the water. The effect looks so realistic that the google search floats in the water and reacts when it is hit by other items.



Are you tired of work? Play and enjoy this classic game Pac-Man




例如:想要彈奏生日快樂歌,可以按1-1-2-1-4-3 1-1-2-1-5-4 1-1-8-6-4-3-2 8-8-7-5-6-5



Wanna play guitar? No problem!

Use the mouse to move the strings to play, or press the number keys to play. The page has a tutorial on how to play some classic songs.

For example:If you want to play Happy Birthday, You can click 1-1-2-1-4-3 1-1-2-1-5-4 1-1-8-6-4-3-2 8-8-7-5-6-5

The problem is, only Internet Explorer can work properly. I can’t hear any music when I use chrome.

If you can make music successfully, please comment to share the fun.




There are other options, just leave them for everyone to play!

In addition to the little games on this website, if you know more google tricks, please leave a comment to share with me!


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