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Icon設計分享 Design for Tasteem


I accept the job from Tasteem to design a few icons so that Tasteem users can put them at the end of their posts. You can click the icon and quickly link to the Tasteem platform, Tasteem’s Steemit account, Tasteem’s Discord channel, or even directly link to upvote Tasteem as Witness.


❤️ 主要造型 Basic Icon (shape and color)


I used Photoshop as a tool to design these icons. First, I wanted to decide the basic shape.

Let’s see Tasteem’s logo. Obviously, the most eye-catching part is the beautiful bright orange color. Of course orange becomes the main color of these icons.

In addition, Tasteem’s logo has obvious curves in a soft style, so I decided to use the round shape.

I wanted to keep the icon itself as simple as possible. So I used only bevel and shadows to increase the three-dimensionality and enhance the detail.

我使用Photoshop來設計這些icon. 首先先決定基本的icon造型。




❤️ Tasteem Icon

❤️ Steemit Icon

❤️ Discord Icon

❤️ Discord Icon

Most of the icons are no dispute because most people are familiar with those logos. The last one is for the link to upvote Tasteem as the witness. It’s difficult to realize the function when you see the graphics. So we decided to add the text.


❤️ 分隔線 Dividing Line


Tasteem team asked me to add one image with the icons. Actually, an image will automatically add to the user’s post as a footer when you use the Tasteem platform. So I don’t want to use another image with the footer. After discussing with the Tasteem team, we decided to use a dividing line. So I made one with the Tasteem logo on it.


Tasteem的系統會自動在用戶帖子的文末加上一張圖。因為已經有這張圖,所以我不想使用太大的圖樣,否則看起來會很凌亂,跟Tasteem團隊討論的結果,決定使用一個帶有Tasteem LOGO的分隔線,於是我做了這個分隔線divide.png

❤️ Final

Here is the final result when the icons put together with Tasteem’s original footer.


tasteem.pngsteemit.png discord.png witness.png


❤️Love from Catwomanteresa love11.gif

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