Travel with Catwoman Teresa 跟著貓女趴趴走

【Video】來伊達邵碼頭聽原住民唱歌 Busking on Ita Thao Pier


Today, I will take you to the Ida Shao Pier in Sun Moon Lake. If you want to take a boat trip to Sun Moon Lake, you can buy a boat ticket here.
Before going to the pier, you will pass through the Chu-Lu market, where you can eat and drink, also buy some local specialties. The market is quite popular for tourists. However, we came here too early. Many booths have not opened yet.
I am very lucky to meet the singers of street performances. The three singers are from different races. Taiwan’s aborigines always have very beautiful voices. Many famous singers are Aboriginal people. The most famous one in the Chinese world is Amei. Their natural voices and innate musical talents are amazing which make people easy to indulge in their music. What is even better is that the songs they sing are all created by themselves, which can fully express their own emotion and arouse the audience’s same feeling.
Follow me to enjoy their wonderful singing. You will love it.

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