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The incubator of Art and Literature- National Taichung Theater III


Hi08.gifI have written two articles about the National Taichung Theater before. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you look at them first. I believe that you will fall in love with this artistic building.

The 9th Worldwide Landmark -National Taichung Theater

Sound Cave -National Taichung Theater II

I will continue to introduce more about some interesting information about the Taichung National Theater. In addition to being a world-class performance place, the interior can be regarded as an exhibition itself. When I visited there, I am constantly immersed in the beautiful mood of visual enjoyment.like05.gif

❤️ The Clock of Current Light and Shadow ❤️

This work was designed and produced by Dong Yangzi, a national treasure-level master, and architect Jiang LeJing. When you stand close to the ticket counter at 1F, you will see this installation art when you look up. There is an eye-like clock on the concave ceiling that symbolizes the flow of time to perfectly integrate with the curved wall.great04.gif

Using the calligraphy strokes of Dong’s work “Silent Music” to cut into the outer ring pattern of the clock. The calligraphy strokes are projected onto the wall to show the fascinating light and shadow.

You can see the description of this piece of installation art.

❤️ Breath Hole ❤️

There are a lot of holes on the wall at 2F which is called 「Breath Hole」. It represents that there are full of breath hole and pipe in nature. All the creatures will be able to keep their lives through those breath pipes.

There are lights hiding in the holes so that the whole wall looks shinning. When the night comes, the building becomes fascinating because of these light spots when you look from outside.great10.gif

❤️ Graceful Moving ❤️

The large area of the mural named 「Graceful Moving」 is colorful and elegant. The butterflies and colorful birds fly through flowers and leaves. You can feel the strong artistic atmosphere when you walk in this

The piece of artwork is designed by the artist Su MengHong. The agile butterflies and birds represent the deep influence of art and literature on life and make people feel fresh and comfortable.

There are some secret images in those butterflies. Do you notice them?sinister07.gif

The painter uses the technique to draw the butterflies’ wings reversed and turned into human faces. Look at the one on the left lower corner, it’s actually the face in a profile of the architect Toyo Ito. Isn’t it interesting?clap02.jpg

❤️ Fall for Great Souls ❤️

My eyes were attracted by the large event advertisement on the glass curtain above the gate before I enter the National Taichung Theater. When I saw the Cubist painting, I thought there is a painting exhibition at that time.

Actually,「Fall for Great Souls」represents the general name of all performances from September to October, including ballet, symphony, opera, modern dance, Taiwan local drama, etc. I am very surprised by the rich and diverse contents.  “Giant” represents the tremendous power of the creative soul. It really touches my heart so much. The influence of art on human beings has indeed intangible power beyond imagination. admire01-1

In many corners of the National Taichung Theater, you can see some tables with beautiful hollow flowers and plants. It is also designed by an artist.

The same style hollow patterns are used in chair and counters everywhere that is particularly elegant.like02.gif

❤️ Art Corner ❤️

This is an art corner created by the Lufu Life Aesthetic Education Foundation and the National Taichung Theater. You can sit here at any time when you stop by and enjoy a rest space that combines reading, music, and art. The concept of Lufu is “how many green spaces borrowed from nature to the city, How many green spaces should return to nature.” So they continue to create more and more warm literature spaces in the city.

The 「Art Corner」is located beside the floor-to-ceiling window. When you sit here, you can see the greenery outside the window, enjoy the bright and warm sunshine. This corner becomes an aesthetic space that is embraced by nature.like01.gif

However, the wooden chairs don’t seem to be suitable to stay for a long time. It’s kind of confusing that is contrary to their concept. Actually, I think it’s a perfect place to take photos under the beautiful sunshine and shadow. Too bad I don’t have enough time to take some selfies. Maybe next time.

❤️ Lamech Design ❤️

On the first floor, my favorite is this lovely shop full of exquisite floral art.

The Lamech designer wins the first prize of the 2010 Taipei Flora Expo. Every piece of floral work here seems to be able to see the shrinking jungle world. Look at the moisture on the glass bottle, I seem to hear the breathing sound of the plants and feel the infinite green energy.

Looking at this series of ecological bottles, do you think they look like the tropical rainforest? I can’t help but imagine how many rare creatures are hidden inside, forming a mysterious world that is hard to reach.

The polygonal glass container is like a special-shaped spacecraft. The colorful cactus of various shapes forms a strange alternative space, which is like the unreality of another world. Do you see owls, elephants, cats and other small animals inside? The small animal dolls are inexplicably blended with the cactus jungle next to them. They are so cute and super healing. I would like to bring every cute little world home.like07.gif

The fairy who puts green on her body is the most eye-catching display. It doesn’t matter whether the specially designed clothes can actually be put on the body. It is most meaningful when the tourist watch and say “Wow”

Do you like the artistic atmosphere of the National Taichung Theater?

I will introduce more good food and interesting place to you. Please stay tuned.


❤️Love from Catwomanteresa love11.gif

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