My Life of Art 貓女的藝術生活

【攝影分享】Between death and life 死亡與生機




The bull skull is always used in the basic practice of painting. Bones represent the end of life so that it normally brings a feeling of despair and frustration. However, the shape of a bull skull is quite beautiful, the special broken shape gives a feeling of desolate beauty. It seems to be able to enhance the artistic sense in any painting appropriately.

On the way of my traveling, I found this cattle skull in this inconspicuous corner which is painted with flowers and plants and decorated with dry flowers and antler. It delivers an indescribable romantic feeling. My good mood of the trip is greatly inspired by the moment.

There always are unexpected surprises within the trip. It’s the most interesting part of traveling. I would like to share this photo of the new life of the bull skull to you. I hope that it will bring a good mood too.

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