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Rainbow Roof 原生豔麗彩虹屋


Since I started to learn painting, I found that I was particularly interested in colorful images. So my eyes were attracted immediately when I first saw this colorful installation art.like02-1.jpg

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Here is「Indigenous Pu’ing na GaGa Cultural Heritage Area」 at Forest Expo Site of Taichung World Flora Exposition. It represents the cultural base of the aborigines.
The totem of shooting sun warrior means the protection of the ancestral land and the preservation of the ecology. The colorful roof is about the legend of the Rainbow Bridge which symbolizes the blessing of the ancestors. The plaid totem represents the faith and fear of the natural environment.
This installation art is gorgeous under sunshine. People will look particularly beautiful under the colorful roof.cool01.gif


台中最新房價查詢訂房:Agoda arrow.gif

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