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從天上掉下了一顆種子 A Seed from the Sky


There are two amazing Installation Art in the Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Expo Site. This one behind me is called 「A seed from the Sky」. What a lovely name which describes the appearance of the art piece just perfect! like05.gif



The super huge seed in the forest makes very interesting contradistinction. Is this a special species from a planet in the universe? I can’t stop my imagination…..sinister01.jpg
The artist uses the elastic characteristic of bamboo to bend and shape a bunch of bamboo into a huge sphere. I went there on a sunny day. The sunlight penetrated through the gap of bamboo, so shining! like04.gif
The interior space is cool and comfortable. A couple of children lean against the bamboo wall. I was attracted by their enjoyable face and would like to lean against the wall too. But I notice that there is a signboard warning that it is forbidden to lie against the wall.OMG03.gif
That’s right! If lots of people lean against this installation art at the same time, the artwork will be destroyed soon.
It’s a pity that those children didn’t follow the rule which becomes the imperfection in the exhibition of the installation art.


❤️Love from Catwomanteresa love11.gif

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