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發現一個貼心的好點子 Good Idea of Spices




今天在全聯購物中心看到這個辛香料組合包,覺得真是我們的救星。 組合中除了蔥薑蒜之外還有辣椒, 1包組合大概可以做2~3次飯,一次買齊需要的辛香料,不用擔心買太多用不完,真的好方便!great12
只不過$38價格並不便宜, 所以只推薦用量不多的人購買。分開購買雖然比較便宜,用不完丟棄,換算下來也未必比較便宜, 有需要的人可以參考看看囉!

Chinese people always put a lot of spices when they cook. I love spices which can add the cuisine more flavor. But I always struggle that those spices rot before they run out because I don’t cook every day.shock11
Today I find the spices package at the supermarket. There are garlic, ginger, green onion, and pepper. It’s very convenient that I can get most of the spices I need in this package. The package is for 2~3 dinners. I don’t have to worry I can’t use all of them before they rot. OK09
It will be perfect if basil and parsley are included in this package.
It’s a little bit expensive for NT$38(US$1.5) each package. If you cook every day, it may not be a good budget for you. For me, it really solves my trouble.Happy10



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