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Hi08.gif everyone, I’m Catwoman Teresa.
It’s not because I am a fan of Batman or Catwoman. The nickname I use from studying in the United States till now.
I found my first cat in front of my apartment and adopted more cats later. I enjoy become a cat nanny after then. 開飯了-80.gif
My cats are very cute and funny. I would like to write down all their interesting stories and share with you.
I brought cats back to Taiwan with me. They lived with me happy in their whole life until they are old and become angels. 心碎-80.gif
So I adopted Er-Mao from a volunteer of stray animals rescue.

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I start paying attention to those people who spend a lot of money and time to rescue animals.
They take action to respect the life other than human beings, but they are always misunderstood and become stressed. 傷心07-80.gif
I hope to accumulate popularity by writing the blogs so that I will have enough influence to promote the concept of respecting animals.
I also hope that I can use a certain percentage of money earned by steemit on the rescue of stray animals.
It all depends on your help and support. We-can-do-it-80.gif
It seems more and more serious. Back to introduce myself!
I am an artist. (At least I think so, haha!) 帥-80.gif
I studied design in college and got a master degree of fine art at computer art department in the United States.
My job is computer animation design, including cartoons, advertisement, special effects of the film, or any visual expression that requires computer animation.
I start writing some blogs half a year ago. But I don’t write many articles so far.
One reason is that because of my busy work, on the other hand, it’s because of my excessive demands on the article.
I always modify my articles and update new messages over and over, even the articles alreadypublished. wait01.gif
I am not a Virgo who always discover the defect, but a stubborn Taurus who insist of perfection. I only ask myself not to ask others, 犀利-80.gif
I hope I can make many friends from international. Please feel free to contact me through email or leave comments to me. I hope we can exchange ideas all the time and become good friends. 乾杯01-80.gif

大家好!我是Catwoman Teresa.

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我可不是龜毛的處女座,而是腦袋硬的像茅坑裏的石頭的金牛座,我只要求自己而不會要求別人 。犀利-80.gif
我希望在這裏交到許多來自各地的朋友。 所以,歡迎大家常常來我的blog逛逛聊聊天。
歡迎留言或寫email與我交流溝通,希望可以成為經常來往交換想法的好朋友。 乾杯01-80.gif