Study with Catwoman Teresa 跟著貓女這樣做

Creating your personal avatar 製作酷炫的個人頭像


My dear friends, welcome to 「study with Catwoman Teresa」 series. Do you learn something from my previous posts?

Today I will teach you how to create a personal avatar by your pictures so that you can use it on Steemit、Facebook、namecard and so on.

We will use Photoshop. Follow me step by step.

Hi03.gif 親愛的Steemit朋友們,又來到了「跟著貓女這樣做」的單元,大家有沒有從之前的單元學到一些有用的技巧呢?

今天Teresa要教大家如何用自己的大頭照來做成一個美麗的頭像,可以使用在各種行銷自己的場合,例如Facebook頭像、名片或微信等各種社交平台。使用這樣的專屬頭像,可以凸顯你的個人特色,讓更多人關注你喔! (閱讀全文…)

Delicacy Diary of Teresa 貓女貪吃日誌

貓女貪吃日記:好玩又好吃的創作廚房~內湖餐廳覺旅陽光店(下)Delicacy diary of Catwoman Teresa: interesting DIY kitchen, Journey Kaffe in Neihu (episode II)


Hi-80.gifDear friends, do you see how I make the delicious Pizza in episode I? If not, be sure to check out the episode I before you read the article.

Delicacy Diary of Teresa 貓女貪吃日誌

好玩又好吃的創作廚房~內湖餐廳覺旅陽光店(上)Interesting DIY kitchen, Journey Kaffe in Neihu


Hi-80.gifMy dear friends, today I will introduce a special coffee shop where you can enjoy doing your own dishes.

Journey Kaffe is quite famous in Neihu. Especially students love to chat and surf the internet there. (閱讀全文…)

Delicacy Diary of Teresa 貓女貪吃日誌

【板橋美食】 古拉爵義式屋 Caffe Grazie Italian restaurant


Hi.gifHi, dear friends, today I will introduce an Italian restaurant with reasonable price.
Cafe Grazie has almost 30 branches in Taiwan. The one we eat today is in the Mega City Mall in Banqiao. It’s great for friends to dine together. Or you can give yourself a small enjoyment when you are too lazy to cook sometimes because it’s not too expensive to feel guilty.