Study with Catwoman Teresa 跟著貓女這樣做

Draw the illustration designed for dPet

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這是我幫@dpet畫的插畫。@dpet是在Steemit區塊鏈上的寵物專屬帳號,即將發展成一個寵物相關平台。 目前在steemit上每天固定舉辦的活動是每日寵物攝影比賽,只要發動物照片並且tag dailypetphotography,就可以參加@dpet的攝影比賽,@dpet會來點讚所有的參賽帖子。 This is the illustration I drew for @dpet. @dpet is a pet-specific account on the blockchain that will soon be developed into a pet-related platform. Currently, @dpet has a daily pet photography competition on Steemit. As long as you make posts about animal photos and tag #dailypetphotography, you can participate in the @dpet photography competition, and @dpet will upvote all the entries.