Pets in our home 毛仔頑皮日記

Ex or New Darling? 舊愛還是新歡?


Hi05-1.gifIf you remember that I once said, Er-Mao always turns his head away every time he sees the lens. He is a cat who is not in love with the camera. Therefore, it is rare to take these two photos. 

Look at his gentle eyes, in fact, Er-Mao is usually like this, always affectionate. How can you not love him?love02.gif

如果你們記得我曾經說過,二毛每次看到鏡頭就會把頭撇開,他是隻非常不愛上鏡頭的喵仔。所以拍到這兩張照片有些難得,瞧瞧他溫柔的眼神,其實平時的二毛就是像這樣,總是深情款款,讓人不得不憐愛。love10.gif (閱讀全文…)