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起司瀑布和牛堡 Wagyu Double Cheese Burger

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通常我很少在連鎖速食店之外的餐廳點漢堡,但是這家店有款非常有特色的漢堡,衝著它的顏值和噱頭,我點了這款明星產品。瞧瞧如瀑布流瀉下來的起司,超級誘人! I seldom order hamburgers except in a fast-food restaurant. But I visit this store for their famous double-cheese burger which is served in a special way. In order to show you the interesting cuisine, I order this signature product here.See! The cheese flows down like a waterfall. Oh, no! It’s cheese-falls! Don’t you think it looks so attractive and tasty?