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起司瀑布和牛堡 Wagyu Double Cheese Burger

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通常我很少在連鎖速食店之外的餐廳點漢堡,但是這家店有款非常有特色的漢堡,衝著它的顏值和噱頭,我點了這款明星產品。瞧瞧如瀑布流瀉下來的起司,超級誘人! I seldom order hamburgers except in a fast-food restaurant. But I visit this store for their famous double-cheese burger which is served in a special way. In order to show you the interesting cuisine, I order this signature product here.See! The cheese flows down like a waterfall. Oh, no! It’s cheese-falls! Don’t you think it looks so attractive and tasty?

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今日早餐 Breakfast today

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還記得之前我曾經介紹過我在屈臣氏兌換的一台蛋黃哥和馬來貘聯名的熱壓烤盤嗎?如果你還沒看過,可以看這裏。使用至今大約兩年,真心覺得這台機器非常實用。機器的大小很合適,一次可以做兩個熱壓三明治,早上趕時間的時候,每一分鐘都非常珍貴。經過熱壓之後的吐司,變得有些酥脆,又沒有一般烤麵包機烤出來的硬,是我很喜歡的口感。 If you follow me for a long time, you may remember that I’ve introduced a Panini Press with famous characters Gudetama and Laimo on it which I get from Watsons. If you didn’t read it before, you can check out here first.I have used it for about two years and have been in love with the Panini Press. You can make two Panini sandwiches at the same time. It really useful because every minute is precious in the busy morning. The toasts will become a little crispy which I like it very […]