Pets in our home 毛仔頑皮日記

長毛家的毛寶貝:第一次亮相的毛毛 Pets in our family:Little Pet Star

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親愛的朋友們,Teresa今天要跟大家介紹我的寶貝之一,她叫毛毛,是第一次在這裏亮相喔!有沒有覺得名字似曾相識?沒錯!二毛的名字就是跟著毛毛的名字命名的,也就是毛毛二世。毛毛和曳曳一樣,從美國飄洋過海帶回來台灣。  My dear friends, this is one of my babies – MaoMao which means furry.I adopted her from Pets Mart with her sister – ChiuChiu. She is a mixed cat with Chinchilla. She had long hair when she was young. I thought she looked like a pet star you can see on pets calendar when I brought her home.