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Panasonic N98 夢幻吹風機?


前陣子買了一支Panasonic N98負離子吹風機,鏡面的桃紅色,流線的造型,看起來很高科技。這支吹風機在台灣受歡迎的程度簡直不可思議,很多人甚至直接到日本掃貨,瘋狂的程度連日本人都看得瞠目結舌。shock02.gif







I bought a hairdryer Panasonic N98 which can blow with negative ion so that my hair can keep moisture after drying my hair. The hairdryer looks hi-tech with the pink smooth surface and streamlines modeling. This model is very popular in Taiwan. Many people even bought it from Japan when it had not been imported yet. Even the Japanese think Taiwan people are too crazy about this hairdryer.like07.gif

I finally got one after it is imported from Japan. It does make my hair look more smooth and shinning. I am very satisfied although it’s a little bit expensive.happy04-1.gif

After I fall in love with the hairdryer, something horrible happens.

My husband has been really busy with his job recently. He asked me to dry his hair after he washed his hair on that day when the accident happened. After I dried his hair for a while, his long hair was sucked into the hairdryer. He shouted it hurts!! I turned off the hairdryer immediately and pulled his hair out.
The hairdryer has a mesh protective cover and the accident is not supposed to happen.despise04.gif

I finally opened the protective cover and took out a bunch of hair from the inside. I am so frightened about the roll-up hair and imagine how hurting it was when the hair was pulled out from his head.
What if it happened to my children? I can’t even imagine!
I don’t know if it happened to others. I really think Panasonic should improve the safety of this hairdryer.



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