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EN Japanese Restaurant(1) EN創作日本料理(一)


Today I will introduce the EN Creative Japanese Restaurant located on the 11th floor of Mega City, Banqiao. We didn’t make a reservation in advance. We were all hungry when we got there because it was a little bit late for dinner.



EN is on the top floor of Mega City. The restaurant is very large and occupies the entire floor. There are menus for reference at the entrance, we are so hungry so that we don’t even look at them and go in immediately.go.gif

There is a partition wall consisting of wooden strips at the entrance to avoid seeing the seating area at a glance. Bypassing the partition walls, the left side leads to the bar area and the right side leads to the dining area on the other side through a long walkway.

The hallway showcased many artworks and raw materials for winemaking.  Those barrels of wine with Japanese style are the most eye-catching, which immediately greatly increased the atmosphere of literature and art. art.gif






This district is supposed to be a drinking area. I heard that Japanese office workers like to go to a bar after work and relax for a while before they go home. I am wondering if it‘s a place like this. However, on the day we went, none of the guests were there. Is it because Taiwanese don’t have this habit, or because Taiwanese prefer to go to nightclubs?confuse01.jpg

The style of the decor is very simple, with simple wooden tables and chairs, which look very neat. The Japanese-style posters on the wall add a little color to space which is less monotonous. The bar is filled with all kinds of wine. People who like to drink should be very excited. I haven’t studied liquor. I just feel that the bottles look nice.great02.gif

There is a small area with a red sofa. Across the partition wall, the dining area is on the other side. We turned out to be the only guests in the district. We only see service personnel in the entire restaurant so far, and suddenly I am worried whether we come to the wrong place.shock06-1.gif


It’s another long aisle to the innermost restroom. The wall of the hallway shows some decorations as usual, as well as a lot of Japanese sake. The good use of these displays makes the taste of the restaurant a lot better.great05.gif


走進空的包廂參觀一下,發現裡面別有洞天。從窗戶看出去,可以看到窗外歐式的建築和色彩繽紛的熱氣球。一直有關注我文章的朋友們,有沒有覺得似乎有些面熟的感覺?沒錯!這裏我曾經介紹過。原來窗外看到的是第10樓的挑高設計,在我之前的文章充滿異國情調的『跳舞香水』(一) 👑🎀🎭有介紹過大遠百第10F充滿威尼斯風情的廣場,從11樓不同的視角看出去,又是另一番天地。果真看事情不能只從一個角度,否則可能會錯過不一樣的風景。NO03.jpg

After passing through the walkway, it is a box area, and there is good privacy after closing the door. Finally, I see guests other than us.

Walk into the empty room, looking out of the window, you can see the European style buildings and colorful hot-air balloons. Do you have any feeling of being familiar if you follow me for a while? That’s right! I have introduced here before. The original view of the window is the height design of the 10th floor. In my previous article “Dancing Perfume” (1), I introduce a plaza with Venice style in the 10F of Mega City. I am surprised that it looks beautiful from different perspectives on the 11th floor. If you always see things only from one angle, you may miss a different landscape.NO04-1.jpg


Toilet space is spacious, mainly white tile and marble, the clean environment is very comfortable to use. There are pictures hanging on the walls as usual, maintaining a consistent artistic style.



Although the interior decoration of EN is not a stunning design, it can be seen that the store pays great attention to details, and the decoration of building materials is very fastidious. The dim lighting creates a warm and quiet dining space. In this elegant environment, you will whisper softly unconsciously, as if you can integrate into this environment.quiet.jpg

That’s it for today. Next time I’ll introduce the meal here. Welcome to lock-in.

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